Personalized English

Fun, exciting English programs start with a strong sense of curiosity. YiYi helps your child develop this sense of wonder that propels them ahead of the class. Through 1-on-1 instruction, YiYi can help students lead a lifelong journey of learning, where improved vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking will become assets throughout school and beyond.


YiYi brings personalized English learning right to your home, where students can study and advance at their own pace. Every child is different and 1-on-1 instruction helps them grow in their own way. Watch your child progress and achieve with YiYi English.


YiYi Teachers are highly qualified, professional instructors. Most have completed competitive educational programs from top universities, such as Harvard, Columbia, Oxford, and Cambridge. Work with elite teachers, who are dedicated to give the best for your child.


English is tough. That’s why we designed the YiYi curriculum – to provide the most engaging and effective way of learning English. Based on 3 international standards, YiYi is modeled after how American students learn English. This is the most natural way to learn English.


Our teachers include professors, PhDs, psychologists, educators, and research scientists. They are here to apply their talents and make a personal impact to improve the lives of children around the world. While diverse in background, discipline, and perspective, our instructors share one thing in common – a life-long love for teaching.


All-Star teachers

The quality of our teachers forms the identity of YiYi English. We only work with the most qualified and motivated teachers. They are educators who share our passion for results and it shows in their dedication. Give your child the English advantage to compete in today’s world.

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There is no “right” age – YiYi can help your child advance in English, regardless of age and learning abilities. Your child can enroll and benefit from YiYi from age 5 through middle school. Speak with an advisor today to see which course best fits your child’s needs.

Basics - Learning the ABCs

Just getting started with English? The YiYi curriculum starts from the ABCs to SAT readiness. A solid understanding of the basics is critical to build a solid foundation for future development, and we are here to help.

Intermediate - Getting On-Track

Is your child on-track in class? The intermediate curriculum ensures that your child not only reviews the core concepts, but also practices with the instructor to internalize them. As your child’s knowledge grows, so will a sense of accomplishment.

Advanced - Accelerated Learning

Want to accelerate your child’s learning? This course is an advanced program, designed to achieve past your child’s grade level. Your child can learn one year’s worth of materials in 3 months. This is most fitting for those who want to study abroad later in their career.


The YiYi Difference

Get your child excited about learning English. YiYi is not only backed by science, but it’s also fun! Students not only learn English, but will develop a motivation to achieve for a lifetime. This is the YiYi difference.

Ivy-league Teachers

Our teachers come from amazing backgrounds and they are dedicated to teaching. Join now and find the right teacher for your family.

Whenever, Wherever

No need to drive and get stuck in traffic for 2 hours. Advance your child’s English, right from the comfort of your living room. Learn English online with YiYi today.

The Newest Curriculum

YiYi provides authentic materials directly from the American education curriculum. The curriculum is held to the highest ESL standard. This is how Americans learn English.

English, just for you

YiYi teaches English in bite-sized lessons based on your child’s need. Students start with the basics and progress throughout the course as they learn grammar and vocabulary.

Natural Learning

All lessons are optimized for maximum interaction, so your child will get the chance to not only read and listen, but speak and write their thoughts in English.

Learning English is Fun

The YiYi English program starts your child with a fun “look, listen, and repeat” approach. Your child will progress and voice about their thoughts – all in English!

0 to fluent in 23 weeks. Get started today.

YiYi helps children engage with English and fosters a curiosity that lasts a lifetime.

The YiYi Curriculum


The YiYi curriculum is designed based on 3 international ESL standards. The ESL standard is the most effective approach in learning English, because it is designed to specifically help international children achieve full English fluency in 15 months. This is the most natural way for your child to learn English.


Personalized Success

Classroom English can only teach you so much, because the material is designed for everyone. We believe every child has his strengths and weaknesses. And we work with these details in mind when applying the curriculum to provide a truly personalized experience. This ensures your child performs to the best of his/her ability.



“Give man a fish, you feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” We believe successful English learning is motivated by curiosity and enjoyment. In turn, this enables students to drive their own learning and personal development. This is how we teach our students.



  • I really cannot think of anything more to ask from YiYi English. My child can study whenever she wants, as much or as little as she likes. The stories really help my child to remember new words in an engaging way, and the quiz format really forces her to concentrate and remember what we talked about. And I have to admit - I am beginning to look forward to the lessons myself!
    Mr. Bao
    Happy Father from Zhengzhou
  • YiYi English is very different compared to any other English service we have used. It's fast, easy, and fun - I have never seen my son so excited. He actually stops playing video games, just to speak with Emily (his teacher). Most importantly, YiYi provides authentic materials directly from American schools. I feel like my child is getting an education in America, right from our couch.
    Ms. Zhang
    Motivated Mother from Dalian
  • As a teacher myself, I know that large classes are not effective - I have to teach at the speed of the slowest child, and this slows the development of other children. YiYi solves this problem, by providing an individualized way of teaching, so students can work at their own pace. This is why I recommend YiYi to everyone. I only wish YiYi English was available for math, that would make my life so much easier!
    Ms. Yang
    Convinced Teacher from Xinzhou


Our mission is to help your child succeed. We take great pride in our personalized approach, access to high-caliber teachers and wide range of curriculum content. Connect with us and let us show you how YiYi English can change your child’s future.